Newsletter 795

by Meg Strong

Jacqueline Cieslak Color-Block Make-Along

A super fun Make-Along is happening and if you don't already know about it, we're here to tell you alllll about it! 

Pick one of Jacqueline Cieslak's knitting or sewing patterns and color-block it! You can choose from a pattern designed with color-blocking (Mooncrush, Chroma, etc,) or you can choose any other of Jacqueline's patterns and get creative with your own color-blocking!

Win prizes by sharing your project on Instagram with the hashtag #CBMAL2023 or Discord ( anytime during the 6-week MAL. You can join with an already in-progress project and there is no requirement to finish your project by the end of the MAL. The only goal is to have fun, and to inspire and be inspired by other color-blocking makers! The Make-Along runs FRIDAY, OCT. 13 – FRIDAY, NOV. 24

Modus Operandi Fibers is offering sweater quantity discounts based on designs and yardage to minimize the price difference of yarn from the smallest to the largest sizes for the duration of the MAL. Rin specializes in botanically dyed yarns in a rich, cohesive palette — perfect for choosing colors that both pop and go together!

Click HERE for all the details including color combo ideas, links to purchase yarn, information about quantity discounts (!!!!) and the # of skeins you'll need for your size.

These Boots! Chapter One.

Molly Klein Design's These Boots Sock Kit comes with 540 yards of custom-dyed fingering yarn (a variegated neutral-ish base called These Boots plus a mini-skein of Boot Brown for toe/heel contrast fun, both in a 75/25 Merino/nylon blend), a sturdy, zippered, box-bottomed sock-sized project bag and an adorable enameled lobster-clawed progress keeper. Just conjure up your favorite sock pattern (we know you have one!) and you’re all set to go.If you love the bag that comes with that sock kit, take a look at its big brother, the Extra Large These Boots Sweater Bag! It’s made with the same sturdy, durable denim, but comes in at a whopping 17” x 12” — large enough for almost any sweater project (we have seven skeins of yarn in ours)! It’s got a zippered top and a boxed-bottom (no matter how many times we type it, it makes us giggle: "boxed-bottom,” tee hee) and a side handle for easy carrying.You can find all the fabulous These Boots swag here!

More Boots!

The second part of the These Boots collection that we created with Molly consists of an adorable set of cowgirl themed enameled progress keepers, a stunning set of six fingering mini-skeins and two different full-sized fingering skeins dyed in deep, rich shades: Vintage Grapes and Waterfall. The full skeins coordinate flawlessly with the mini-skeins. It’s almost like we planned it. Spoiler: we planned it.
You can find all the fabulous These Boots swag here!