Newsletter 796

by Meg Strong

New Sock Yarn ~ Paint Gradient

A lovely new sock yarn just hit our shelves in eight gorgeous colors! The hand-dyed effect of Paint Gradient is enhanced by small color nuances reminiscent of tiny impressionist brushstrokes. One cake is plenty for a pair of socks. And while it is designed for socks, Paint Gradient it's also ideal for fingering weight sweaters, shawls, and other accessories!

Grab a skein of Paint Gradient HERE!

Sea Isle ~ Back in Stock

We shared this beauty with you in early July, then promptly sold out of of the Soft White shade and have been patiently waiting for its return. It's no secret we adore the Easy Folded Poncho; it's easy peasy, it looks amazing on everyone and we love the mindful quality of the pattern. There are moments in life when the mindfulness of knitting nothing but stockinette fabric is a treasure, and this thing is a treasure trove of it.

Sea Isle from Plymouth Yarn is a blend of organic Pima cotton and fine Merino wool. This worsted weight yarn has a beautiful drape and a great balance of warmth and breathability. The chainette ply structure creates a fabric that works up with loft and bounce. 

Shop Sea Isle HEREYou'll need three skeins (two of your main color and one contrast color) to complete your poncho!

Want it exactly like ours? It's the Robin and Soft White combo. Follow the Easy Folded pattern as written while working the color changes modified as follows: 24 rows with MC, 48 rows with CC, 162 rows with MC, 48 rows with CC and then 24 rows of MC.

Woolen Notions Pouch...with Notions!

Made from soft, wool-blend felt, this notions pouch has it all! Inside is a perfect stretchy pocket to hold a matching hand-stitched woolen tape measure, a magnetic mini pocket to securely hold a pair of mini scissors and a ribbon loop attaching a coordinating set of stitch markers!

The included tape measure is hand-stitched from soft, wool-blend felt, and has a 60" high quality flexible vinyl tape that stays in place when pulled and retracts smoothly with the press of a button.

The included scissors are ideal for snipping yarn tails and threads. At only 2½" long, these are the perfect compact size to fit in a notions pouch for travel. Very sharp!

The included stitch markers are inspired by vintage typewriter keys and are designed to help keep track of increases, decreases, knits and purls! Each set consists of 6 ring stitch markers that fit up to a US10 needle.

Available in four colors; find these beauties HERE!

Pins! Pins! Pins!

Spruce up a knitting project bag, jean jacket, or notions pouch with an enamel pin by Channypeascorner. These whimsical enamel pins are the perfect accessory to embellish your own bag and gift to your crafting bestie!

Shop ChannyPea pins HERE!