Newsletter 800

by Meg Strong

While "Black Friday" has come and gone, you can still take advantage of our retired shop model sale! Over the course of the year, as new yarns arrive and old ones get "retired," so do the hand-knit or crocheted (by us!) display samples. Shawls, scarves, hats, sweaters, blankets...we have over 100 retired shop samples this year. They can be yours...or you can give one as a gift (we won't tell anyone you didn't make it - just remember to remove the price tag!).

Manhattan Hat & Mitts

More "knitworthy" ideas for you! Both the Manhattan Hat and Mitts patterns feature a simple allover 1x1 rib stitch throughout, but each has a unique and interesting bit of shaping: the hat's crown and the mitts' thumb gusset. These little details caught our eye and we love both the classic styling and the little extra polish on display!

Both the hat and mitts are worked up in Targhee Worsted from Modus Operandi, a bouncy non-superwash worsted weight yarn with a high squish-factor (running total: 800) made with wool raised and spun in the USA. Targhee wool is a fine wool that rivals merino for softness and takes natural color beautifully, which MO Fibers' RIn knows all too well! 

You can shop MoFibers Targhee Worsted right HERE.
The Manhattan Mitts pattern may be found HERE and the Manhattan Hat HERE!

Dryer Ball + Essential Oil Set = the Perfect Gift

If you're anything like us, we LOVE receiving useful gifts. So we created one! Step one was having Martha from Tuft Woolens create an essential oil for us. Step two, source 100% wool dryer balls we could feel good about.

Fairly made in Nepal, these 100% wool dryer balls are a perfect way to directly impact the consumption of chemicals and single use cleaning items. Use at least three per load (more for very large loads) and your clothes will dry faster...even on the lowest heat setting!  This process also softens clothing (without using conventional fabric softener) and naturally reduces static cling (if you have a predominantly synthetic fiber based wardrobe it might not be able to tackle ALL the static, but it will significantly help; the more natural the fiber, the better the results). These balls will last for years, so there's no need hit the laundry aisle for constant resupply.

Neroli extracted from orange blossoms is infused in an essential oil that Martha made exclusively for Haus. It's an unforgettable fresh, floral scent, frequently associated with increased mental relaxation and reduction of anxiety, nervousness and stress (which comes in handy during laundry time)! The relaxing effect neroli has on the mind also helps slow down heart palpitations and can even help with insomnia. Place a few drops from the bottle on each dryer ball, toss in your dryer...and go calm down!

Shop our exclusive Dryer Ball/Essential Oil Bundle HERE!