Newsletter 802

by Meg Strong

Winter Solstice Collection!

Winter solstice falls on December 21st this year. Since the sun travels its shortest path of the year through the sky that day, it'll also be the longest night! We collaborated with Molly Klein and created the Winter Solstice collection in celebration! Winter Solstice celebrates what we're likely to see in the daylight hours: mostly silver, with glints of yellow and pink shining through. 

The Winter Solstice Sock Kit comes with 540 yards of custom-dyed fingering yarn (a variegated neutral-ish base called Winter Solstice plus a mini-skein of Silver for toe/heel contrast fun, both in a 75/25 Merino/nylon blend), a sturdy, zippered, box-bottomed sock-sized project bag and an adorable enameled lobster-clawed progress keeper. Just conjure up your favorite sock pattern (we know you have one!) and you’re all set to go.If you love the bag that comes with that sock kit, take a look at its big brother, the Extra Large Winter Solstice Sweater Bag! It’s made with the same sturdy, durable denim, but comes in at a whopping 17” x 12” — large enough for almost any sweater project (we have seven skeins of yarn in ours)! It’s got a zippered top and a boxed-bottom and a side handle for easy carrying.You can find all the fabulous Winter Solstice swag here!

Wait!! More Winter Solstice

The second part of the Winter Solstice collection consists of an adorable set of winter solstice-themed enameled progress keepers, a stunning set of six fingering mini-skeins and two different full-sized fingering skeins dyed in two lighter shades: Silver Lining and Lemonade. The full skeins coordinate flawlessly with the mini-skeins. It’s almost like we planned it. Spoiler: we planned it.

A pack of the mini skeins and with a full skein of Silver Lining made it into Heather's hands and she worked up this beauty; the Daisy Dance Shawl. (THANK YOU, HEATHER!!) The Daisy Dance shawl has an elongated crescent shape and combines color play with intriguing textures. A garter stitch border frames the shawl, while colorful bands of eyelets swoop across it.

Again, you can find all the fabulous Winter Solstice swag here!

The Avita Hat: Holiday Sparkle

We love a little holiday sparkle and we love the little beanie pattern we designed to showcase the bit of it that's sprinkled through Avita.  Alas, it's nearly impossible to capture the sparkle in a photo, but trust us - there's sparkle in this yarn and this hat!

Avita is a lighter-than-air yarn that has a core of shiny sparkling Lurex braided with nylon for strength. The flickering core floats inside a fluffy halo of baby Alpaca that's next-to-skin soft. The lighter shades host a more subtle sparkle experience while the darker shades have a deeper contrast for a glimmering core. We worked up a quick, twisted rib cap and topped it with a 3" faux pom. We're thinking this one would be an excellent project for your holiday gift-knitting list, or heck, just go ahead and make yourself one.

Shop Plymouth Avita HERE! One skein is enough to complete a single hat and the pattern is our gift.  Shop 3" faux fur pompoms HERE!