Newsletter 805

by Meg Strong

Storewide Sale: More Rare than Bigfoot!

Now look: you know we're not real big on door-busting, inventory-slashing sales around here. We're firm believers that high-quality goods sold at the fairest price possible (for everyone on both sides of the equation) is the best way to build a business. But...we also wanted to thank you for all of your support, so...a big door-busting, inventory-slashing sale it is!

While our bricks-and-mortar shop will be closed until Tuesday, January 2, the online shop is - as always - open 24/7, and here's the best part: everything you see in the online shop is currently 20% off. Literally everything you see online qualifies (except gift cards). There are no pesky codes*. Discounted amounts are taken automatically and will show up in your cart before you check out. We repeat: no code is necessary.

A few rules. This is all normally "in the fine print," but no one ever reads that. Seriously, no one. Here's how it's gonna go: 

  • The sale began at 1am (CST) Sunday, Dec 24 (Christmas Eve) and will end at 11:59pm (CST) on Monday, January 1 (New Year's Day)
  • Sale prices are not retroactive and are only good on new orders
  • Some consignment goods are not available; if you don't see it online, it isn't on sale
  • Gift cards and classes are not discounted. If you'd like to register for a class, call the store at 615.354.1007 on Jan 2 or later
  • Shipping will take place intermittently during the week we're closed
  • Double check your orders carefully before clicking the 'order' button; once an order is placed, it cannot be added to. Additional orders will ship separately and incur additional shipping fees

*The sole code exception is LOCALPICKUP, which you should enter only if you live locally and wanna come get your order. It'll be ready for you January 2 or later. Don't come jiggle the door handles before that.

Enjoy the weird week in between Christmas and New Year's, and - as always - thank you for supporting this small but mighty business!