Newsletter 814

by Meg Strong

MoFibers Cotton Sport

Shop favorite Modus Operandi Fibers Cotton Sport is a soft, light and cozy DK/heavy sport weight cotton yarn that's 100% organic, US-grown, US-spun 2-ply unmercerized cotton and we're gonna get it in your hands if it's the last thing we do!

The weather in Nashville is...unpredictable. We mean...just this past week, we swung from 20-degree lows to 70-degree highs! But having a cotton sweater in your closet means you've got a super-wearable sweater for almost every season! This particular cotton fiber is meant to be worn and laundered (by hand) again and again. It gets better with age and becomes buttery soft.

The Me Oh My Tee, designed by Park Williams, is a must-have basic...a classic everyday t-shirt with a cropped silhouette. It's worked from the bottom up at a fairly tight gauge and has a clever sleeve construction that mimics set-in sleeves - we definitely see this tee as a go-to t-shirt for years to come! The pattern includes nine sizes; each is designed to be cropped, but adding length is easy-peasy... just knit a few more inches if you'd prefer a bit more length.

If you've shopped in-person with us, you may have noticed that we've turned over a hefty amount of Haus' square footage to Rin - the big cheese at MO Fibers - and she's turned it into an eye-popping squishy wonderland of awesomeness with seven hand-dyed bases in approximately one billion colors. Rin specializes in yarn that's naturally dyed by hand with leaves, roots, flowers and seeds right here in Nashville. Some of that stuff came out of the ground right here in Tennessee! That's as local as you can get!

Shop Modus Operandi Fibers Cotton Sport HERE! and the Me Oh My Tee pattern is riiiiight ----->HERE!

Ricorumi Spin Spin DK Restock

Spin Spin is a DK weight cotton, perfectly sized for a single facecloth/dishcloth at 125 yards/cake. Knit this iconic cloth from corner to corner in garter stitch by using some simple increases and decreases. All colors in the line are color gradients - some are tone-on-tone, while others contain multiple colors within the same ball. 

Shop Ricorumi Spin Spin HERE! One cake will yield one cloth and the pattern is included with any Spin Spin purchase.

*From the top: Classic Rainbow, Earthy Rainbow, Pastel Rainbow