Newsletter 815

by Meg Strong

Ankers Tee / Tynn Line

We shared the Anker's Summer Shirt back in 2021 and we STILL love it! We knit that one in worsted weight Line.

With spring and summer on the horizon, we're dreaming about getting a warm weather sweater on our needles...but we want it in a lighter weight. Lucky for us, there's a fingering weight version in the Anker series!

We love the Anker Tee for all of the same reasons we loved the Anker's Summer Shirt; the simplicity and elegance and...well, let's just put it in bold letters: other than weaving in the ends, there's absolutely no finishing! 

For the yarn, we're using Tynn Line, a 53% cotton/33% viscose/14% linen blend from Norway. It's incredibly soft and it's super-easy to care for (machine wash), which makes it ideal for frequently-used spring and summer items. 

Note: it may seem a little tricky calculating yardage for the Anker Tee, since you have to convert the pattern's specified grams to yards, but we've made it easy: just check the chart above for yarn quantity guidance.

Tynn Line can be found HERE! The Anker Tee pattern is HERE.

Photo: ©PetiteKnit

Mandarin Petit + Easy Washcloth Book Restocks

Our two favorite dishcloth pattern books are back in stock! Easy Knit Dishcloths offers thirteen designs and Easy Crochet Dishcloths offers eleven. They're a great way to learn and practice skills; try a new yarn (let's say Milo!) and create a beautiful supply of colorful, environmentally friendly, reusable cloths for using and gifting.  

To help beginners get started and to refresh more experienced knitters/crocheters, the “School” portion of each book teaches featured stitches step-by-step. With designs ranging from very simple to challenging, knitters and crocheters at all skill levels will find designs you'll love to make. 

A single skein of fabulous Mandarin Petite is enough for a single cloth. Mandarin Petit is a fingering weight 100% pure cotton, with a luxurious, soft feel and smooth texture. 25 glorious colors are in stock now!

Both Easy Knit and Easy Crochet Dishcloths books are right HERE! Mandarin Petit is HERE!

Chiaogoo Needle Tips + Cords

Haus is now stocking Chiaogoo TWIST™ in a way we never have before! We've always been able to order these on demand, but now both the 4" and 5" TWIST™ complete sets - as well as individual interchangeable tips and red cords - are hanging on the needle wall! In alllll the sizes; yay!!! 

All things Chiaogoo can be found HERE! You might wanna sit down; it's that exciting!