Newsletter 828

by Meg Strong


Cumulus Tee + Delish

We've recently seen a rapid increase in the number of folks hunting for yarn for this classic little beauty! The Cumulus Tee is worked in stockinette stitch and has a rounded V-neck in the front (swoon!!). The sleeves are elbow length, although you could decide to shorten (or lengthen) them as desired. Then, in a final step that really puts some polish on the finished sweater, all edges are finished in i-cord. The yarn we're recommending for the Cumulus Tee, aptly named Delish, is a luxurious blend of 50% extrafine merino wool and 50% mulberry silk, combining softness with a subtle sheen. We love the blend of merino and silk since it gives every little stitch a little "bounce" with a smooth texture.

Find Delish yarn HERE and the Cumulus Tee pattern HERE! We've helped get you started with quantity suggestions; just refer to the chart above.

FO photo ©PetiteKnits


FG 27: Sock Odyssey + Magpie Swanky DK

Just in: Field Guide 27: Sock Odyssey from the lovely ladies at Modern Daily Knitting. Field Guide 27 features four sock patterns from designer Fatimah Hinds where you'll mix-and-match varying cable patterns, modern lacy openwork and clever techniques. 

All four patterns are written using DK weight — these will fly off your needles and we love the idea of these for summertime, travel projects!

Looking for DK weight yarn suitable for these designs? Take a look at Magpie Swanky DK or Universal Yarn Deluxe DK Tweed! Both of these yarns are available in a broad and colorful palette and both contain a bit of nylon, added for strength and elasticity. Win-Win!

Shop Magpie Swanky DK HERE and Universal Yarn Deluxe Tweed HERE! Field Guide 27: Sock Odyssey is HERE.

Purl Strings + Super Snips

Two items that tend to not stick around long: Minnie & Purl's Purl Strings and Super Snips.....but hey're baaaaaaack!Purl Strings is a handy tool that allows you to slide your working stitches onto a long flexible cord whilst mid-progress and try on your sweater for a fit-check. To use, simply insert the tip of your needle into the opening of the much-longer-than-your-needle cord end, slide your work onto the cord, and check for fit as your project progresses! Magic!The "Sweater Plus" pack of try-on tubing includes 3 silicone cords. One is 100" long - perfect for sweater bodies - and two are 40" long, for arms or childrens' sweaters. Shop Purl Strings HERE! They come in a whole passel of eye-popping colors.

Super Snips! We love these little snips for their petite size (2 3/4” X 1 3/4”). Y'all love the PINK ones because that is always the first color that sells out first! They're perfect for throwing in every project bag, and since they feature an attached safety cap, you’ll never accidentally yell “ouch!” while digging them out from the bottom of the bag! Shop Super Snips HERE