Coco Knits Knitter's Keep

A silicone slap bracelet solves the problem of missing notions that are never where you thought you left them. The bracelet fits any size wrist and sports a brushed steel-plated... Learn More
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Coco Knits Knitting Row Counter

The Cocoknits row counter has been designed with these exclusive features: a steel back so you can attach the row counter to your Knitter's Keep  windows that magnify the numbers... Learn More
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Coco Knits Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit

This Stitch Holder Kit from Coco Knits takes the place of scrap yarn for holding live stitches. The threaded needles makes it easy for you to knit your stitches off of the leather... Learn More
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Coco Knits Stitch Stoppers

These colorful foam stitch stoppers slide all the way onto needles (not just on the tip) to secure your stitches. They also slip onto interchangeable needle cords to keep your stitches... Learn More
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Cocoknits Leather Handle Kit

The Leather Handle Kit provides an easy, no-sew way to add handles to any bag. The Cocoknits Four-Corner bag is sold separately, or use the instructions included in the kit... Learn More

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