Brooklyn Tweed Dapple

Brooklyn Tweed fell in love with the idea of woolen-spun cotton, a less-common blending and carding process that preserves the loft and softness of cotton, while maintaining a downy, natural... Learn More

$ 12.75

Brooklyn Tweed Loft

  Fingering-weight Loft channels Targhee-Columbia wool’s airy bounce into feather-light lace, accessories, and garments. Like Shelter, Loft is a woolen-spun 2-ply yarn with delicate twist, especially designed for unique lightness... Learn More

$ 16.75

Brooklyn Tweed Peerie

  Fingering-weight Peerie is sourced from American Merino fleece from Nevada and Utah that is worsted spun - resulting in a springy and next-to-skin soft yarn. It comes in an... Learn More

$ 15.25

Brooklyn Tweed Plains

  Brooklyn Tweed Plains is two-ply laceweight wool produced entirely in America. It preserves the crimp and spring of Rambouillet fleece in a slightly rustic yarn with a natural aptitude... Learn More

$ 22.50

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

  Quarry is a chunky roving-style “unspun” yarn, offered in pillowy 100-gram skeins. The result is a plump yarn that looks like a single ply and has greater tensile strength... Learn More

$ 21.00

Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 01

Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 01

Ranch 01 is Brooklyn Tweed’s first ranch-specific, single-batch yarn. The fine Rambouillet fiber is sourced from Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California, it is  processed at Chargeurs in South Carolina and spun... Learn More

$ 24.15

-$ 34.50