Newsletter 475

by Jeremy Lehmann

Fall Class Roundup!

Ready to learn a new skill? Clear the calendar and save the dates -- we've got some amazing classes coming up! All class dates and times are listed at the end of this newsletter - call the shop at 615-354-1007 to register if you're interested. We've had an incredible response to our classes lately, so don't wait too long!

We do limit our class sizes so if you see something that interests you, check your calendar for availability and call quickly to reserve your spot! 615-354-1007



Pick Your Project!

Begins Monday, November 6th

Ready to knit your first sweater or challenge yourself with a new technique that you haven't yet attempted? Sounds like you are ready to be guided by Shayron's expertise! Prior knowledge required: knowledge of casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch and binding off. 

For more information, visit our Knitting Class page. $55 


Beginning Knitting 

Beginning Knitting!

Begins Tuesday November 7th

If you're reading this, chances are you're already a knitter! So forward this email on to all of your non-knitting friends and help them discover what they've been missing! They'll learn the basics of knitting: cast-on, knit stitch, purl stitch, increasing and decreasing and binding off... all while making a hat that can double as a cowl! Experience required: absolutely none! - no prior knitting experience necessary.

For more information, visit our Knitting Class page. $55 



Fixing Mistakes!

Saturday, November 4th

Let's face it: we ALL make mistakes when we knit. We drop a stitch or forget a yarnover and don't see it until the next row...and sometimes we're not quiiiite sure how to fix it! If this sounds a little too familiar to you, you need to take this class!

For more information, visit our Knitting Class page. $35 


Sock Class 

Beginning Socks!

Begins Saturday, November 11th

We've been getting lots of requests for this one...and your wish is our command! Leah is offering a beginning socks class spotlighting the Two Circ method. You'll learn how to knit socks "cuff down." You just need to have basic knitting skills: casting on, knit & purl stitch...and a general knowledge of knitting in the round is also helpful.

For more information, visit our Knitting Class page. $65