Newsletter 523

by Meg Strong

This week's newsletter is alllll about Fall classes. They're filling up fast - the phone's been ringing off the hook! So check the listings below and give us a call...once they're full, they're full!


It's Class Time! Don't Miss Out!

Ready to learn a new skill, or just get darn better at an existing one? Clear the calendar and save the dates because we've got some amazing classes coming up! All class dates and times are listed at the end of the newsletter - or you can click here for more details. Call the shop at 615-354-1007 to register! We've had an incredible response to classes lately, so don't wait too long to register. BTW, the University of Haus of Yarn has no football team, but it has a concrete sheep mascot out front.


  • Beginning Knitting with Sandra. Learn to knit! Perfect for the "absolute beginner" or someone who hasn't "touched needles in a loooong time." This class is a terrific gift for a friend!
  • Pick Your Project with Shayron. Ready to knit your first sweater? Already know how to knit a dishcloth but now you wanna knit a cowl? Just need help deciphering a pattern? This one is for you! We dare you to stump Shayron! Basic knitting skills required.
  • Fearless Finishing with Kelly. You've knit the blasted sweater and now you're ready to seam it together. OR ARE YOU? What about picking up stitches!? And uh-oh, what is that about the Kitchener stitch? These mysteries are all solved in Fearless Finishing! Basic knitting skills and homework required.
  • Fixing Mistakes with Sue. Who couldn't benefit from taking this one!? Basic knitting skills required...homework required for this one. Note: this will seem like the most magical class you've ever taken. No more frustrating tinking!
  • Socks on Two Circulars with Leah. You've probably tried knitting those tee-tiny tubes on double pointed needles and found it a little...fiddly. Why not try it using two circular needles instead? Basic knitting skills required.
  • Fair Isle with Leah. Wanna try your hand at stranded color work? Basic knitting skills required...homework required for this one.
  • annnnd Ravelry 101 with Leah. We love Ravelry...but it can be overwhelming. Let Leah help you sort it all out!