Koigu Collector's Club

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Brand: Koigu Wool Designs


The Koigu Collector's Club is a monthly limited edition one-of-a-kind themed colorway of KPPPM hand dyed by Taiu Landra, Co-owner of Koigu Wool Designs. Created exclusively for LYS's that carry Koigu. 175 yards ~ Fingering Weight, 100% Merino Wool

  • February 2019's theme is VitaminD ~ bright colors to over come the seasonal blues and Polar Vortex. SOLD OUT!
  • March 2019's theme is Ocean ~ bright colors inspired by a Spring Break vacation. SOLD OUT!
  • April 2019's theme is Rebirth ~ pastel colors inspired by all things Spring. SOLD OUT!
  • May 2019's theme is Tulips ~ rich colors with rich green Spring Showers. SOLD OUT!
  • June 2019's theme is Birch ~ a delicate colour of spring green leaves.
  • July 2019's theme is Summer Love ~ a sweet summer July sky splashing against the lake.
  • August 2019's theme is Fall Fair Midway ~ a dark evening with splashes of color lights from a fairground! eek...this one might be our new fav! SOLD OUT!
  • September 2019's theme is Jeans ~ who doesn't love wearing jeans, neutral background with splashes of all tints and shades of denim!
  • October 2019 theme is Sheep ~ the beloved animal whose fleece makes some of our favorite yarn.
  • November 2019 theme is Utopia ~ "A mood of a better place in our Dreams  - Deep rich fall colours In bedding with highlights of new -speckled and stripe."It is a lovely melding of rose and goldenrod, peach and red-violet, with some speckles and dashes of cobalt and suggestions of green.
  • December 2019 theme is 2019 in Review ~ summarized some of our favourite events, new colours and yarns that occurred this year.
  • January 2020 theme is Refuge ~ For many of us, making is our refuge, whether that be from our daily jobs, or the craziness of life around us. It can make us feel safe, sheltered even from what might make us feel so out of control. Refuge can also be a word for safe haven for those who might not feel safe, and that need something or someone to turn too. As we move into a new year and decade, we like to remind people of the wonderful properties that making and wool can provide to you, but also to others. So this year plan out something to make for others, such as someone in your family, a local hospital or women’s shelter. An activity that could be a refuge for you, might provide the love and care that someone might just need to help them through their day. SOLD OUT!