MDK Skill Set

MDK Skill Set
MDK Skill Set

MDK Skill Set

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New! Launches June 21, 2021

From the lovely ladies from Modern Daily Knitting, there’s never been a how-to-knit book quite like this.

It’s little. Yet it's filled with decades of experience.

Everything a new knitter needs to know, and nothing they don’t. 

The 9 Lessons

Everything a new knitter needs to know, short and sweet and smart.

  • Lesson 1   Supplies, Casting On, Knit Stitch, Binding Off
  • Lesson 2   Purl Stitch, Combining Knits and Purls
  • Lesson 3   Basic Shaping: Increases and Decreases
  • Lesson 4   Knitting in the Round
  • Lesson 5   Basic Lace and Cables
  • Lesson 6   Basic Colorwork: Stripes, Stranding Intarsia
  • Lesson 7   Finishing: Weaving in Ends, Seaming, Blocking
  • Lesson 8   Patterns, Yarn, and Gear
  • Lesson 9   Fixing Mistakes

MDK emphasize practice in each lesson, so there are swatches to make for each technique. There’s just one pattern, for a simple hat, that lets a new knitter try out the techniques.