Silkpaca Spring Kerchief Kit

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Brand: Haus of Yarn


For this gorgeous, lightweight shawl, we used two different colors of Malabrigo Yarns Silkpaca held doubled. The gradation keeps the simple pattern interesting as you knit, and the doubled laceweight yarn makes a super cozy fabric. For a subtle effect, choose two colors with a similar value: perhaps Glazed Carrot + Ravelry Red or Azures + Purple Mystery. For a higher contrast, go with Cuarzo + Pink Frost.  


The Spring Kerchief pattern is free on Ravelry; click here and print yourself a copy!


A note about needle size: the pattern calls for a US 0 (binding off with a US 3). We knit our sample with a US 4 (binding off with a US 6!) Remember: you're the boss of your own knitting!


If you don't already own a pocket digital scale, you'll need one for this project to help take the guesswork out of your knitting. Rather than "dividing" up your yarn and winding into separate balls, you can weigh the start weight (write it down!), then as you knit. periodically weigh the wound cake. When you've used up a 1/3, you'll know it's time to change colors! Sounds complicated, but it's really quite simple! Click here to pick up a scale!